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Botanical NameCommon NamePlant FeaturesStructural Type
Acacia dealbataSilver WattleFast growing. Yellow flowers, late winter. Silvery foliage. Good for erosion control.Tree (10m+)
Acacia longifolia ssp. sophoraeCoast WattleFast growing. Yellow flowers, spring. Salt-tolerant coloniser.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia mearnsiiBlack WattleFast growing. Pale yellow flowers, spring. Excellent firewood.Tree (10m+)
Acacia melanoxylonBlackwoodLong-lived. Pale yellow flowers, spring. Good shade tree.Tree (10m+)
Acacia myrtifoliaMyrtle WattleCompact habit. Yellow flowers, late winter. Tolerates poor soil.Low Shrub (<2m)
Acacia paradoxaHedge WattlePrickly shrub. Bright yellow flowers, spring. Good screen or windbreak. Refuge for small birdsTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia strictaHop WattleColoniser. Pale yellow flowers, winter-spring. Good screen.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia suaveolensSweet WattleSpreading habit. Perfumed cream flowers, winter-spring.Low Shrub (<2m)
Acacia verticillata ssp. verticillataPrickly MosesPrickly, tough plant. Yellow flowers, spring. Refuge for small birds.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acaena novae-zelandiaeBidgee WidgeeMatting ground cover. Flowers are followed by burrs.Herbs/Lilies
Allocasuarina littoralisBlack SheoakOrnamental foliage and bark. Male and female flowers on separate plants.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Allocasuarina paludosaScrub or Swamp SheoakCompact habit. Grey-green branchlets. Frost tolerant. Bird attracting.Low Shrub (<2m)
Allocasuarina verticillataDrooping or Coast SheoakOrnamental weeping foliage. Male and female flowers on separate plants.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Arthropodium strictumChocolate LilyLily with violet, slightly chocolate-scented flowers on long stalks, spring. Plant in drifts for best effect.Herbs/Lilies
Atriplex cinereaCoast SaltbushAttractive silver-grey foliage. Drought and salt tolerant. Fire retardant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Austrostipa flavescensCoast Spear-grassPerennial grass that grows as tufts with smooth stems and is a useful soil binder for sandy soil.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Austrostipa mollisSoft Spear-grassTall clumping grass, with velvety leaves. A graceful accent plant in the garden. Hard prune after flowering.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Austrostipa stipoidesPrickly Spear-grass or Coast Spear-grassRounded, rush-like tussock with prickly leaves. Excellent accent plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Baloskion tetraphyllumTassel Cord-rushOrnamental, bright green, tall feathery tussock. Ideal in or around ponds. Non-invasive.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Banksia integrifoliaCoast BanksiaOrnamental shade tree and windbreak. Yellow flower spikes all year.Tree (10m+)
Banksia marginataSilver BanksiaYellow flower spikes, autumn. Good screen.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Bossiaea cinereaShowy BossiaeaShowy yellow and red pea flowers, spring. Tolerates coastal exposure.Low Shrub (<2m)
Bursaria spinosaSweet BursariaScented, creamy-white flowers, summer. Spiny branches when young.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Carex appressaTall SedgeRobust tussock sedge. Butterfly attracting. Used for erosion control. Good in or around ponds. Provides habitat.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Carpobrotus rossiiPigfaceSpreading succulent perennial. Large purple flowers open on sunny days. Good soil binder.Creeper/Vine
Cassinia aculeataDogwood/Common CassiniaFast-growing. Crowded, domed flowerheads, summer. Aromatic leaves. Quick screen. Understorey planting.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Centella cordifoliaSwamp PennywortMatting herb. Scalloped leaves. Moist to wet soils. Grows well around pools.Creeper/VineAquatic/Wetland
Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon EverlastingSpreading herb with grey foliage. Yellow flower buttons, spring. Prune to encourage new growth.Herbs/Lilies
Clematis aristataMountain ClematisVigorous vine with creamy star flowers, spring. Attractive feathery seed heads persist.Creeper/Vine
Clematis microphyllaSmall Leaf ClematisVariable trailer or climber. Star flowers, summer. Attractive feathery seed heads persist.Creeper/Vine
Coronidium scorpioidesButton EverlastingPerennial herb with greyish foliage, spreading to form a mat. Yellow everlasting flowers, spring.Herbs/Lilies
Correa albaWhite CorreaAdaptable spreading shrub, tolerates wind and spray. White star flowers, spring-summer.Low Shrub (<2m)
Crassula helmsiiSwamp CrassulaProstrate spreading herb, rooting at nodes. Excellent beside ponds.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Cycnogeton procerumWater RibbonsRobust amphibious perennial. Erect or floating strappy leaves. Water to 2m deep.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Cynoglossum australeAustral Hound’s-TonguePerennial herb with tiny blue flowers, spring-summer. Seeds sticky.Herbs/Lilies
Dianella brevicaulisCoast Flax-lilyAttractive, long-lived perennial lily. Blue flowers and berries. Flower stems shorter than foliage.Herbs/Lilies
Dianella revolutaBlack Anther Flax-lilyAttractive, long-lived perennial lily. Blue flowers and berries. Flower stems longer than foliage.Herbs/Lilies
Dianella tasmanicaTasman Flax-lilyRobust, attractive, long-lived, spreading perennial lily. Tolerant of most conditions once established.Herbs/Lilies
Dichelachne crinitaPlume grassTufted ornamental perennial grass. Seeds may irritate skinGrasses/Sedges/Rushes
Dichondra repensKidney WeedProstrate spreading herb, rooting at nodes. Kidney-shaped leaves. Alternative to lawn in light traffic areas.Creeper/Vine
Diplarrena moraeaButterfly FlagDense tussock-forming iris. White scented flowers. Good accent plant.Herbs/Lilies
Disphyma crassifoliumRounded Noon-flowerSpreading ground cover. Magenta daisy-like flowers, spring-summer. Salt tolerant.Creeper/Vine
Eleocharis acutaCommon Spike-rushSemi-aquatic herb with erect flowering stems. Terrific habitat plant for waterbirds, frogs and fish.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Eucalyptus kitsonianaGippsland Mallee or Bog GumGum-barked tree. Attractive mallee form.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Eucalyptus obliquaMessmateDense canopy with stringy bark. Good for honey and hardwood.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus ovataSwamp GumBark mostly smooth. Leaves eaten by koalas. Good shade tree for swampy areas.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus paucifloraSnow Gum (Powlett River Form)Attractive white to cream trunk. Provides honey, fuel and assists with erosion control.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus radiataNarrow-leaf PeppermintLow branching tree with dense canopy. Good shade and shelter.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus strzeleckiiStrzeleckii GumCritically endangered species.Tall tree good for revegetation projects on fertile soil on ridges, slopes & stream banks.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. pryorianaCoastal Manna GumWell-branched tree with dense canopy. Good shade, shelter and windbreak.Tree (10m+)
Ficinia nodosaNobby Club-sedgeTufted perennial sedge to 1m high. Globular flower heads. Soil binder. Accent plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Gahnia sieberianaRed-fruit Saw-sedgeTussock sedge 2-3m tall. Shining red nuts after flowering. Prefers moist soil but will tolerate dryness. Butterfly food plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Glycine clandestinaClimbing GlycineOpen twining plant, usually only noticed when flowering. Sprays of mauve pea flowers, spring.Creeper/Vine
Goodenia humilisSwamp GoodeniaSpreading herb. Yellow flowers, summer. Moist to wet soil. Ideal for planting around pools.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Goodenia ovataHop GoodeniaLight green foliage. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Good understorey plant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Goodenia ovata prostrateHop GoodeniaLocal prostrate form. Excellent ground cover. Butterfly attracting. Tolerates boggy soils.Low Shrub (<2m)
Goodenia radicansShiny Swamp-matProstrate creeping herb with white to mauve fan-shaped flowers. Attractive around ponds. Tolerates wet & dry periods.Herbs/Lilies
Goodia lotifoliaGolden TipFast-growing. Profuse yellow and red pea flowers, spring. Prune after flowering.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Gratiola peruvianaAustral BrooklimeSprawling spreading herb. Moist or wet soils but tolerates areas that dry our in summer. Suitable in or beside pool edges.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Gynatrix pulchellaHemp BushOpen shrub. Small fragrant flowers, spring. Needs pruning to maintain vigour.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Hakea nodosaYellow HakeaDense to open habit. Fragrant yellow flowers, winter-spring. Good low screen.Low Shrub (<2m)
Hakea ulicinaFurze HakeaUpright shrub with twisted foliage. White flowers, spring. Good bird habitat.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Hibbertia sericeaSilky Guinea-flowerFoliage covered in silky hairs. Profuse yellow flowers, spring.Low Shrub (<2m)
Indigofera australisAustral IndigoShowy purple pea flowers, spring. Prune after flowering to maintain vigour. Butterfly attracting.Low Shrub (<2m)
Juncus amabilisHollow-rushTufted perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus holoschoenusJointed RushClumping perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus pallidusPale RushRobust tufted perennial rush to 2m tall. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus procerusTall RushDense tufted perenial robust rush. Plant at the edge of permanent or seasonal water bodies.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus sarophorusBroom RushTufted perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus subsecundusFinger RushTufted perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape or seasonally dry soils.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Kennedia prostrataRunning PostmanMatting ground cover. Red pea flowers, spring-summer. Drought tolerant.Creeper/Vine
Leptospermum continentalePrickly TeatreePrickly foliage. Masses of white flowers, spring. Good understorey plant. Bird and butterfly attracting.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leptospermum continentale prostratePrickly TeatreeLocal prostrate form. Excellent low ground cover. Butterfly attracting. Tolerates boggy soils.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leptospermum laevigatumCoast TeatreeAttractive white flowers, spring. Front-line coastal planting only. Weedy in other areasTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Leptospermum lanigerumWoolly TeatreeYoung growth silver and hairy. Masses of white flowers, spring. Moist soils.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Leptospermum myrsinoidesHeath TeatreeCompact. White or pale pink flowers, spring. Good understorey plant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leucophyta browniiCushion BushLow rounded shrub with silver foliage. Yellow button flowers, spring-summer.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leucopogon parviflorusCoast Beard-heathVariable form. Scented, crowded white flowers, spring. Salt tolerantTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Linum marginaleNative FlaxPerenial herb with slender upright stems to 10 – 60 cm high. Dies back after flowering to root stock. Blue sky flowers in Spring and Summer. Mass plant.Herbs/Lilies
Liparophyllum exaltatumErect (Yellow) Marsh FlowerPerennial aquatic herb with a few stems. Yellow flowers with leaves that arise from the base.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Lobelia ancepsAngled LobeliaMatting ground cover. Small fan-shaped pale blue flowers, most of year. Seasonally moist soils,Creeper/Vine
Lomandra longifolia ssp. exilisMat-rushCluster- headed Mat-rush. Attractive tussock which can reach up to 1 metre in diameter with narrow green strap leaves to 4mm across . A great feature plant for landscaping.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Lomandra longifolia ssp. LongifoliaSpiny-headed Mat-rushDense tussock to 1m. Grows well under established trees. Accent plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Lotus australisAustral TrefoilErect perenial herb to 60cm. Flowers are usually white to shell-pink and can flower all year round but mostly in Spring. Part to full sun with moist soil.Herbs/LiliesLow Shrub (<2m)
Lythrum salicariaPurple LoosestrifeLarge purple flower spikes, spring-summer. Dies back to root stock over winter. Excellent for bog garden or beside pools.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Machaerina rubiginosaSoft Twig-sedgeSpreading sedge to 1m tall. Butterfly attracting. Good in or around ponds.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Mazus pumilioSwamp MazusSwamp Mazus. Suckering perennial herb for open damp areas which carpets the ground and has mauve flowers over a long period in spring. Quite drought tolerant once established.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Melaleuca ericifoliaSwamp PaperbarkMasses of cream flowers, spring. Useful in wet garden areas. Very adaptable. Responds well to pruning.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Melaleuca squarrosaScented PaperbarkProfuse scented cream flowers, spring-summer. Moist to wet soils. Responds well to pruning.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Melicytus dentatusTree VioletMasses of tiny cream bell flowers, spring-summer. Well-drained moist soilsTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Microlaena stipoidesWeeping GrassVariable perennial grass with graceful arching stems. Good lawn grass for shady sites.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Microseris sp.Yam daisy, MurnongTufted perennial herb and has a single yellow flowerhead that attracts butterflies.Herbs/Lilies
Montia australasicaWhite PurslaneErect bright green narrow leaves. Long-stalked small white flowers, spring summer. Ponds & wetlandsHerbs/Lilies
Myoporum insulareBoobiallaRounded habit with succulent leaves. White flowers, spring. Fire retardant. Good screen or windbreak.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Myriophyllum crispatumMilfoilPerennial spreading herb. Foliage feathery. Good habitat in pools.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Olearia axillarisCoast Daisy-bushCottony-grey bush with tiny yellow flowers, summer-autumn. Soil binder. May be hedged.Low Shrub (<2m)
Olearia glutinosaSticky Daisy-bushShowy white to mauve flowers, summer. Sticky foliage. Drought tolerant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Olearia lirataSnowy Daisy-bushSoft open shrub. Masses of white flowers, spring. Moist well-drained soil.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Olearia phlogopappaDusty Daisy-bushMasses of white flowers, summer. Prune to encourage flowering.Low Shrub (<2m)
Olearia ramulosaTwiggy Daisy-bushSprawling shrub with tiny white flowers, spring-summer. Good understorey plant or low screen if pruned.Low Shrub (<2m)
Ornduffia reniformisRunning Marsh-flowerTufted stoloniferous herb. Kidney-shaped leaves. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Attractive in and around ponds.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Ozothamnus ferrugineusTree EverlastingOpen shrub with narrow shining leaves. White flowers in terminal clusters. Fast-growing. Moist, well-drained soil. Good background plant.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Ozothamnus turbinatusCoast EverlastingStiff, narrow leaves. Cream flower clusters, autumn. Coastal soil binder. Prune after flowering.Low Shrub (<2m)
Pandorea pandoranaWonga Wonga VineVigorous climber. Showy, creamy-white tubular flowers with maroon markings, spring.Creeper/Vine
Patersonia fragilisShort Purple-flagTussock-forming perennial iris. Fine blue-green leaves. Purple flowers held within the foliage, spring-summer.Herbs/Lilies
Patersonia occidentalisLong Purple-flagClumping perennial iris. Purple flowers, spring-summer. Suitable for bog gardens but also tolerates dry conditions.Herbs/Lilies
Pelargonium australeAustral Stork’s-billSoft foliage. Pink flowers with darker markings, spring-summer. Drought tolerant.Herbs/Lilies
Persicaria decipiensSlender KnotweedPerennial herb, leaves stems sometimes red. Bright pink flowers on spikes. Seeds provide food for waterbirds.Aquatic/Wetland
Phragmites australisCommon ReedFast-growing reed. Fluffy flower spikes. Provides food and nesting for waterbirds. Keep contained.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Poa clelandiiMatted Tussock-grassMatted perenial tussock-grass. Spikelets are usually purplish, greenish or straw colored flowering September – January.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Poa labillardiereiCommon Tussock-grassLarge dense tussock. Flowering stems exceed leaves. Landscape accent plant. Bird and butterfly attracting.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Poa poiformisCoastal Tussock-grassLarge dense tussock. Flowering stems equal to leaves. Bird and butterfly attracting. Salt spray tolerant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Poa teneraSlender Tussock-grassA trailing perenial that sometimes forms tussocks. Spikelets are green and rarely purplish. Flowers between October – January.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Pomaderris asperaHazel PomaderrisSlender, leafy shrub. Cream flowers in terminal sprays, spring. Likes moist, rich soil. Interesting bark as plant ages.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Pomaderris paniculosa ssp. paraliaCoast PomaderrisCompact shrub with glossy leaves. Small cream flowers, spring. Coastal shrub with reddish new growth.Low Shrub (<2m)
Pultenaea daphnoidesLarge-leaf Bush-peaFast-growing. Showy egg and bacon pea flowers, spring. Drought tolerant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Ranunculus inundatusRiver ButtercupVigorous perennial herb. Finely divided leaves. Glossy yellow flowers, spring-summer. Good in or beside ponds.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Ranunculus lappaceusAustralian ButtercupPerenial herb with glossy yellow flowering mainly in August to Novemeber.Herbs/Lilies
Rhagodia candolleanaSeaberry SaltbushSucculent foliage. Flowers spring, followed by red berries, autumn. Used as a screen or hedge. Soil stabiliser.Low Shrub (<2m)
Rytidosperma geniculatumKneed Wallaby-grassPerennial grass to 40cm tall. Small, fluffy flowerhead. Bird and butterfly attracting. Beautiful grass for gardens.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Rytidosperma setaceumBristly Wallaby-grassPerennial grass to 70 cm tall. Small, fluffy flowerhead. Bird and butterfly attracting. Can be used as a native lawn.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontaniRiver Club RushRobust perennial sedge. Flowering panicle, summer. Wet soil or shallow water. Waterbird habitat.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Senecio pinnatifoliusVariable GroundselVariable succulent foliage. Yellow daisy flowers, spring-summer. Butterfly attracting.Herbs/Lilies
Solanum aviculareKangaroo AppleSoft woody shrub. Large divided leaves. Purple flowers, spring-summer. Orange to scarlet fruit. Heavy prune to rejuvenate.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Stackhousia monogynaCreamy CandlesGlaborous perenial with one to many erect stems that carry beautiful white or creamy flowers from September to February. Common heathland plant.Herbs/Lilies
Stylidium armeriaThrift-leaved TriigerplantPink flower spikes, spring-summer. Plant in drifts for best effect. Drought tolerant once established.Herbs/Lilies
Tetragonia implexicomaBower spinachSucculent, scrambling perennial subshrub. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Sand stabiliser.Creeper/Vine
Themeda triandraKangaroo GrassSprawling perennial tussock. Leaves bluish-green. Attractive golden-brown flowerheads, spring-summer. Attractive used in landscaping or mass planted.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Thyridia repensCreeping Monkey-flowerMarsh plant with violet flowers with a yellow & white centre which will tolerate inundation & saline conditions. Attractive on pond edge.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Triglochin striataStreaked ArrowgrassSlender spreading perennial herb. Tiny flowers on spikes, spring-summer. Wet soil or shallow water.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Viminaria junceaGolden SprayAttractive weeping needle-like foliage. Sprays of yellow pea flowers, summer. Good beside ponds. Tolerates poorly-drained soils.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Viola hederaceaNative VioletSpreading perennial herb. Dark green leaves. Single violet flowers. Hardy once established.Herbs/Lilies
Zoysia macranthaPrickly couchPerennial grass. Tolerates saline conditions. An effective native lawn that does not need mowing.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes

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Most of the species information has been referenced from the book ‘Flora of Melbourne‘ by M.Bull (4th Edn, Hyland House, 2014).

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