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Botanical NameCommon NamePlant FeaturesStructural Type
Acacia dealbataSilver WattleFast growing. Yellow flowers, late winter. Silvery foliage. Good for erosion control.Tree (10m+)
Acacia longifolia ssp. sophoraeCoast WattleFast growing. Yellow flowers, spring. Salt-tolerant coloniser.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia mearnsiiBlack WattleFast growing. Pale yellow flowers, spring. Excellent firewood.Tree (10m+)
Acacia melanoxylonBlackwoodLong-lived. Pale yellow flowers, spring. Good shade tree.Tree (10m+)
Acacia mucronataNarrow-leaf WattleSpreading or erect shrub or small tree with long, thin phyllodes (leaves). Cream to yellow flower spikes. Good screen if pruned.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia myrtifoliaMyrtle WattleCompact habit. Yellow flowers, late winter. Tolerates poor soil.Low Shrub (<2m)
Acacia paradoxaHedge WattlePrickly shrub. Bright yellow flowers, spring. Good screen or windbreak. Refuge for small birdsTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia strictaHop WattleColoniser. Pale yellow flowers, winter-spring. Good screen.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acacia suaveolensSweet WattleSpreading habit. Perfumed cream flowers, winter-spring.Low Shrub (<2m)
Acacia verticillata ssp. verticillataPrickly MosesPrickly, tough plant. Yellow flowers, spring. Refuge for small birds.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Acaena novae-zelandiaeBidgee WidgeeMatting ground cover. Flowers are followed by burrs.Herbs/Lilies
Acaena x ovinaSheep’s BurrErect rosette with hairy stems, growing 10-50 cm high.Understorey planting.Herbs/Lilies
Allocasuarina littoralisBlack SheoakOrnamental foliage and bark. Male and female flowers on separate plants.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Allocasuarina paludosaScrub or Swamp SheoakCompact habit. Grey-green branchlets. Frost tolerant. Bird attracting.Low Shrub (<2m)
Allocasuarina paradoxaGreen SheoakOpen to dense shrub with smooth bark and spikes of reddish-brown male flowers.Low Shrub (<2m)
Allocasuarina verticillataDrooping or Coast SheoakOrnamental weeping foliage. Male and female flowers on separate plants.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Arthropodium strictumChocolate LilyLily with violet, slightly chocolate-scented flowers on long stalks, spring. Plant in drifts for best effect.Herbs/Lilies
Atriplex cinereaCoast SaltbushAttractive silver-grey foliage. Drought and salt tolerant. Fire retardant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Austrostipa flavescensCoast Spear-grassPerennial grass that grows as tufts with smooth stems and is a useful soil binder for sandy soil.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Austrostipa mollisSoft Spear-grassTall clumping grass, with velvety leaves. A graceful accent plant in the garden. Hard prune after flowering.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Austrostipa stipoidesPrickly Spear-grass or Coast Spear-grassRounded, rush-like tussock with prickly leaves. Excellent accent plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Baloskion tetraphyllumTassel Cord-rushOrnamental, bright green, tall feathery tussock. Ideal in or around ponds. Non-invasive.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Banksia integrifoliaCoast BanksiaOrnamental shade tree and windbreak. Yellow flower spikes all year.Tree (10m+)
Banksia marginataSilver BanksiaYellow flower spikes, autumn. Good screen.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Blechnum nudumFishbone Water-fernDensely tufted perennial fern with erect fronds, on thick erect rhizome (rooting stem), sometimes forming a short trunk. Forms large colonies. Sterile and fertile fronds dissimilar. New growth yellowish.Fern
Bossiaea cinereaShowy BossiaeaShowy yellow and red pea flowers, spring. Tolerates coastal exposure.Low Shrub (<2m)
Bursaria spinosaSweet BursariaScented, creamy-white flowers, summer. Spiny branches when young.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Carex appressaTall SedgeRobust tussock sedge. Butterfly attracting. Used for erosion control. Good in or around ponds. Provides habitat.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Carex fascicularisTassel SedgeTufted, bright green, leafy sedge with attractive, drooping golden spikes.Grass/Rush/SedgeAquatic/Wetland
Carex inversaKnob SedgeTufted sedge up to 60cm across with short creeping rhizome and flowering stems followed by clustered seed heads slightly longer than the leaves. Tolerants wet or dry conditions.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Carpobrotus rossiiPigfaceSpreading succulent perennial. Large purple flowers open on sunny days. Good soil binder.Creeper/Vine
Cassinia aculeataDogwood/Common CassiniaFast-growing. Crowded, domed flowerheads, summer. Aromatic leaves. Quick screen. Understorey planting.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Centella cordifoliaSwamp PennywortMatting herb. Scalloped leaves. Moist to wet soils. Grows well around pools.Creeper/VineAquatic/Wetland
Chrysocephalum apiculatumCommon EverlastingSpreading herb with grey foliage. Yellow flower buttons, spring. Prune to encourage new growth.Herbs/Lilies
Chrysocephalum baxteriFringed EverlastingThe flower heads occur singly at the ends of the stems with yellow centres surrounded by white bracts. Leaves are linear, silvery-green with woolly hairs giving a silvery appearance on the undersurface.Herbs/Lilies
Clematis aristataMountain ClematisVigorous vine with creamy star flowers, spring. Attractive feathery seed heads persist.Creeper/Vine
Clematis microphyllaSmall Leaf ClematisVariable trailer or climber. Star flowers, summer. Attractive feathery seed heads persist.Creeper/Vine
Coronidium scorpioidesButton EverlastingPerennial herb with greyish foliage, spreading to form a mat. Yellow everlasting flowers, spring.Herbs/Lilies
Correa albaWhite CorreaAdaptable spreading shrub, tolerates wind and spray. White star flowers, spring-summer.Low Shrub (<2m)
Crassula helmsiiSwamp CrassulaProstrate spreading herb, rooting at nodes. Excellent beside ponds.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Cycnogeton procerumWater RibbonsRobust amphibious perennial. Erect or floating strappy leaves. Water to 2m deep.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Cynoglossum australeAustral Hound’s-TonguePerennial herb with tiny blue flowers, spring-summer. Seeds sticky.Herbs/Lilies
Dianella brevicaulisCoast Flax-lilyAttractive, long-lived perennial lily. Blue flowers and berries. Flower stems shorter than foliage.Herbs/Lilies
Dianella revolutaBlack Anther Flax-lilyAttractive, long-lived perennial lily. Blue flowers and berries. Flower stems longer than foliage.Herbs/Lilies
Dianella tasmanicaTasman Flax-lilyRobust, attractive, long-lived, spreading perennial lily. Tolerant of most conditions once established.Herbs/Lilies
Dichelachne crinitaPlume grassTufted ornamental perennial grass. Seeds may irritate skinGrasses/Sedges/Rushes
Dichondra repensKidney WeedProstrate spreading herb, rooting at nodes. Kidney-shaped leaves. Alternative to lawn in light traffic areas.Creeper/Vine
Diplarrena moraeaButterfly FlagDense tussock-forming iris. White scented flowers. Good accent plant.Herbs/Lilies
Disphyma crassifoliumRounded Noon-flowerSpreading ground cover. Magenta daisy-like flowers, spring-summer. Salt tolerant.Creeper/Vine
Eleocharis acutaCommon Spike-rushSemi-aquatic herb with erect flowering stems. Terrific habitat plant for waterbirds, frogs and fish.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Eucalyptus kitsonianaGippsland Mallee or Bog GumGum-barked tree. Attractive mallee form.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Eucalyptus obliquaMessmateDense canopy with stringy bark. Good for honey and hardwood.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus ovataSwamp GumBark mostly smooth. Leaves eaten by koalas. Good shade tree for swampy areas.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus paucifloraSnow Gum (Powlett River Form)Attractive white to cream trunk. Provides honey, fuel and assists with erosion control.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus radiataNarrow-leaf PeppermintLow branching tree with dense canopy. Good shade and shelter.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus regnansMountain AshFast-growing tall tree with rough bark up to 15m, then smooth. Profuse white flowers and club-shaped buds.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus strzeleckiiStrzeleckii GumCritically endangered species.Tall tree good for revegetation projects on fertile soil on ridges, slopes & stream banks.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. pryorianaCoastal Manna GumWell-branched tree with dense canopy. Good shade, shelter and windbreak.Tree (10m+)
Eucalyptus willisii ssp.South Gippsland PeppermintSmall tree with rough bark, to 10 m., often mallee form. Fine leaves and attractive white flowers. Vulnerable in Victoria.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Ficinia nodosaNobby Club-sedgeTufted perennial sedge to 1m high. Globular flower heads. Soil binder. Accent plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Gahnia filumChaffy Saw-sedgePerennial leafy tussock with narrow brown flowerhead and attractive fruit. Moist saline or brackish soil.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Gahnia sieberianaRed-fruit Saw-sedgeTussock sedge 2-3m tall. Shining red nuts after flowering. Prefers moist soil but will tolerate dryness. Butterfly food plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Glycine clandestinaClimbing GlycineOpen twining plant, usually only noticed when flowering. Sprays of mauve pea flowers, spring.Creeper/Vine
Goodenia humilisSwamp GoodeniaSpreading herb. Yellow flowers, summer. Moist to wet soil. Ideal for planting around pools.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Goodenia ovataHop GoodeniaLight green foliage. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Good understorey plant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Goodenia ovata prostrateHop GoodeniaLocal prostrate form. Excellent ground cover. Butterfly attracting. Tolerates boggy soils.Low Shrub (<2m)
Goodenia radicansShiny Swamp-matProstrate creeping herb with white to mauve fan-shaped flowers. Attractive around ponds. Tolerates wet & dry periods.Herbs/Lilies
Goodia lotifoliaGolden TipFast-growing. Profuse yellow and red pea flowers, spring. Prune after flowering.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Gratiola peruvianaAustral BrooklimeSprawling spreading herb. Moist or wet soils but tolerates areas that dry our in summer. Suitable in or beside pool edges.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Gynatrix pulchellaHemp BushOpen shrub. Small fragrant flowers, spring. Needs pruning to maintain vigour.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Hakea nodosaYellow HakeaDense to open habit. Fragrant yellow flowers, winter-spring. Good low screen.Low Shrub (<2m)
Hakea ulicinaFurze HakeaUpright shrub with twisted foliage. White flowers, spring. Good bird habitat.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Indigofera australisAustral IndigoShowy purple pea flowers, spring. Prune after flowering to maintain vigour. Butterfly attracting.Low Shrub (<2m)
Juncus amabilisHollow-rushTufted perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus holoschoenusJointed RushClumping perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus kraussiiSea RushStout perennial rush with spreading red-brown panicle. Saline or brackish conditionsGrasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus pallidusPale RushRobust tufted perennial rush to 2m tall. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus procerusTall RushDense tufted perennial robust rush. Plant at the edge of permanent or seasonal water bodies.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus sarophorusBroom RushTufted perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Juncus subsecundusFinger RushTufted perennial rush. Bird, lizard and frog habitat. Good in wet landscape or seasonally dry soils.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Kennedia prostrataRunning PostmanMatting ground cover. Red pea flowers, spring-summer. Drought tolerant.Creeper/Vine
Leptospermum continentalePrickly TeatreePrickly foliage. Masses of white flowers, spring. Good understorey plant. Bird and butterfly attracting.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leptospermum continentale prostratePrickly TeatreeLocal prostrate form. Excellent low ground cover. Butterfly attracting. Tolerates boggy soils.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leptospermum laevigatumCoast TeatreeAttractive white flowers, spring. Front-line coastal planting only. Weedy in other areasTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Leptospermum lanigerumWoolly TeatreeYoung growth silver and hairy. Masses of white flowers, spring. Moist soils.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Leptospermum myrsinoidesHeath TeatreeCompact. White or pale pink flowers, spring. Good understorey plant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leucophyta browniiCushion BushLow rounded shrub with silver foliage. Yellow button flowers, spring-summer.Low Shrub (<2m)
Leucopogon parviflorusCoast Beard-heathVariable form. Scented, crowded white flowers, spring. Salt tolerantTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Linum marginaleNative Flaxperennial herb with slender upright stems to 10 – 60 cm high. Dies back after flowering to root stock. Blue sky flowers in Spring and Summer. Mass plant.Herbs/Lilies
Liparophyllum exaltatumErect (Yellow) Marsh FlowerPerennial aquatic herb with a few stems. Yellow flowers with leaves that arise from the base.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Lobelia ancepsAngled LobeliaMatting ground cover. Small fan-shaped pale blue flowers, most of year. Seasonally moist soils,Creeper/Vine
Lomandra longifolia ssp. exilisMat-rushCluster- headed Mat-rush. Attractive tussock which can reach up to 1 metre in diameter with narrow green strap leaves to 4mm across . A great feature plant for landscaping.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Lomandra longifolia ssp. longifoliaSpiny-headed Mat-rushDense tussock to 1m. Grows well under established trees. Accent plant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Lotus australisAustral TrefoilErect perennial herb to 60cm. Flowers are usually white to shell-pink and can flower all year round but mostly in Spring. Part to full sun with moist soil.Herbs/LiliesLow Shrub (<2m)
Lythrum salicariaPurple LoosestrifeLarge purple flower spikes, spring-summer. Dies back to root stock over winter. Excellent for bog garden or beside pools.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Machaerina rubiginosaSoft Twig-sedgeSpreading sedge to 1m tall. Butterfly attracting. Good in or around ponds.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Mazus pumilioSwamp MazusSwamp Mazus. Suckering perennial herb for open damp areas which carpets the ground and has mauve flowers over a long period in spring. Quite drought tolerant once established.Aquatic/Wetland
Melaleuca ericifoliaSwamp PaperbarkMasses of cream flowers, spring. Useful in wet garden areas. Very adaptable. Responds well to pruning.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Melaleuca squarrosaScented PaperbarkProfuse scented cream flowers, spring-summer. Moist to wet soils. Responds well to pruning.Small to Medium Tree (5-10m)
Microlaena stipoidesWeeping GrassVariable perennial grass with graceful arching stems. Good lawn grass for shady sites.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Microseris sp.Yam daisy, MurnongTufted perennial herb and has a single yellow flowerhead that attracts butterflies.Herbs/Lilies
Montia australasicaWhite PurslaneErect bright green narrow leaves. Long-stalked small white flowers, spring summer. Ponds & wetlandsHerbs/Lilies
Myoporum insulareBoobiallaRounded habit with succulent leaves. White flowers, spring. Fire retardant. Good screen or windbreak.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Myriophyllum crispatumMilfoilPerennial spreading herb. Foliage feathery. Good habitat in pools.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Myrsine howittianaMuttonwoodTall shrub or small tree with glossy dark green leaves and cream flowers on old wood. Fruit attractive fleshy blue to violet drupes.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Olearia argophyllaMusk Daisy-bushUp to 10m tall. Shiny dark green leaves, silvery below. Crowded terminal clusters of white daisy flowersTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Olearia axillarisCoast Daisy-bushCottony-grey bush with tiny yellow flowers, summer-autumn. Soil binder. May be hedged.Low Shrub (<2m)
Olearia glutinosaSticky Daisy-bushShowy white to mauve flowers, summer. Sticky foliage. Drought tolerant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Olearia lirataSnowy Daisy-bushSoft open shrub. Masses of white flowers, spring. Moist well-drained soil.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Olearia phlogopappaDusty Daisy-bushMasses of white flowers, summer. Prune to encourage flowering.Low Shrub (<2m)
Olearia ramulosaTwiggy Daisy-bushSprawling shrub with tiny white flowers, spring-summer. Good understorey plant or low screen if pruned.Low Shrub (<2m)
Ornduffia reniformisRunning Marsh-flowerTufted stoloniferous herb. Kidney-shaped leaves. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Attractive in and around ponds.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Ozothamnus ferrugineusTree EverlastingOpen shrub with narrow shining leaves. White flowers in terminal clusters. Fast-growing. Moist, well-drained soil. Good background plant.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Ozothamnus turbinatusCoast EverlastingStiff, narrow leaves. Cream flower clusters, autumn. Coastal soil binder. Prune after flowering.Low Shrub (<2m)
Pandorea pandoranaWonga Wonga VineVigorous climber. Showy, creamy-white tubular flowers with maroon markings, spring.Creeper/Vine
Patersonia fragilisShort Purple-flagTussock-forming perennial iris. Fine blue-green leaves. Purple flowers held within the foliage, spring-summer.Herbs/Lilies
Patersonia occidentalisLong Purple-flagClumping perennial iris. Purple flowers, spring-summer. Suitable for bog gardens but also tolerates dry conditions.Herbs/Lilies
Pauridia vaginataYellow StarTufted perennial herb with corm less than 2cm long. Hairless. Grows well amoungst grasses, great for rockeries and containers.Herbs/Lilies
Pelargonium australeAustral Stork’s-billSoft foliage. Pink flowers with darker markings, spring-summer. Drought tolerant.Herbs/Lilies
Persicaria decipiensSlender KnotweedPerennial herb, leaves stems sometimes red. Bright pink flowers on spikes. Seeds provide food for waterbirds.Aquatic/Wetland
Philydrum lanuginosumWoolly FrogsmouthSuitable for planting around ponds, dams and on creek banks. They will tolerate periodic inundation and can be used as for stabilising soil.Aquatic/Wetland
Phragmites australisCommon ReedFast-growing reed. Fluffy flower spikes. Provides food and nesting for waterbirds. Keep contained.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Poa clelandiiMatted Tussock-grassMatted perennial tussock-grass. Spikelets are usually purplish, greenish or straw colored flowering September – January.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Poa labillardiereiCommon Tussock-grassLarge dense tussock. Flowering stems exceed leaves. Landscape accent plant. Bird and butterfly attracting.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Poa poiformisCoastal Tussock-grassLarge dense tussock. Flowering stems equal to leaves. Bird and butterfly attracting. Salt spray tolerant.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Poa teneraSlender Tussock-grassA trailing perennial that sometimes forms tussocks. Spikelets are green and rarely purplish. Flowers between October – January.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Pomaderris asperaHazel PomaderrisSlender, leafy shrub. Cream flowers in terminal sprays, spring. Likes moist, rich soil. Interesting bark as plant ages.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Pomaderris elliptica var. ellipticaSmooth PomaderrisTall erect or rounded shrub with densely creamy hairy branchlets. Yellow flowersTall Shrub (2-5m+)
Pomaderris paniculosa ssp. paraliaCoast PomaderrisCompact shrub with glossy leaves. Small cream flowers, spring. Coastal shrub with reddish new growth.Low Shrub (<2m)
Pultenaea daphnoidesLarge-leaf Bush-peaFast-growing. Showy egg and bacon pea flowers, spring. Drought tolerant.Low Shrub (<2m)
Pultenaea strictaRigid Bush-peaSlender upright shrub to 1m with clusters of yellow and red pea flowers,Low Shrub (<2m)
Pultenaea tenuifoliaSlender Bush-peaProstrate matting shrub with tiny yellow pea flowersLow Shrub (<2m)
Ranunculus inundatusRiver ButtercupVigorous perennial herb. Finely divided leaves. Glossy yellow flowers, spring-summer. Good in or beside ponds.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Ranunculus lappaceusAustralian ButtercupPerennial herb with glossy yellow flowering mainly in August to November.Herbs/Lilies
Rhagodia candolleanaSeaberry SaltbushSucculent foliage. Flowers spring, followed by red berries, autumn. Used as a screen or hedge. Soil stabiliser.Low Shrub (<2m)
Rytidosperma geniculatumKneed Wallaby-grassPerennial grass to 40cm tall. Small, fluffy flowerhead. Bird and butterfly attracting. Beautiful grass for gardens.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Rytidosperma setaceumBristly Wallaby-grassPerennial grass to 70 cm tall. Small, fluffy flowerhead. Bird and butterfly attracting. Can be used as a native lawn.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontaniRiver Club RushRobust perennial sedge. Flowering panicle, summer. Wet soil or shallow water. Waterbird habitat.Grasses/Sedges/RushesAquatic/Wetland
Senecio pinnatifoliusVariable GroundselVariable succulent foliage. Yellow daisy flowers, spring-summer. Butterfly attracting.Herbs/Lilies
Solanum aviculareKangaroo AppleSoft woody shrub. Large divided leaves. Purple flowers, spring-summer. Orange to scarlet fruit. Heavy prune to rejuvenate.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Stackhousia monogynaCreamy CandlesGlabrous perennial with one to many erect stems that carry beautiful white or creamy flowers from September to February. Common heathland plant.Herbs/Lilies
Stylidium armeriaThrift-leaved TriggerplantPink flower spikes, spring-summer. Plant in drifts for best effect. Drought tolerant once established.Herbs/Lilies
Tetragonia implexicomaBower spinachSucculent, scrambling perennial subshrub. Yellow flowers, spring-summer. Sand stabiliser.Creeper/Vine
Themeda triandraKangaroo GrassSprawling perennial tussock. Leaves bluish-green. Attractive golden-brown flowerheads, spring-summer. Attractive used in landscaping or mass planted.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes
Thyridia repensCreeping Monkey-flowerMarsh plant with violet flowers with a yellow & white centre which will tolerate inundation & saline conditions. Attractive on pond edge.Aquatic/Wetland
Triglochin striataStreaked ArrowgrassSlender spreading perennial herb. Tiny flowers on spikes, spring-summer. Wet soil or shallow water.Herbs/LiliesAquatic/Wetland
Viminaria junceaGolden SprayAttractive weeping needle-like foliage. Sprays of yellow pea flowers, summer. Good beside ponds. Tolerates poorly-drained soils.Tall Shrub (2-5m+)
Viola hederaceaNative VioletSpreading perennial herb. Dark green leaves. Single violet flowers. Hardy once established.Herbs/Lilies
Wahlenbergia gymnocladaNaked BluebellErect perennial herb spreading by underground stems (rhizomes). Stems single, occasionally branched.Herbs/Lilies
Xanthorrhoea minorSmall Grass-treeStout perennial with underground woody trunk, branched underground.Grass/Rush/Sedge
Zoysia macranthaPrickly couchPerennial grass. Tolerates saline conditions. An effective native lawn that does not need mowing.Grasses/Sedges/Rushes

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Most of the species information has been referenced from the book ‘Flora of Melbourne‘ by M.Bull (4th Edn, Hyland House, 2014).

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