Tubestock Care & Planting Guide

Download a PDF version here: Tubestock Planting Guide

Tubestock 2022 leaving WSBN to their forever home in Fish Creek.

Initial watering

When you get home, thoroughly water your new plants.

If they are well established, put them in a trough or bucket and cover with water over the tops of the tubes. Soak until bubbles cease to rise, then drain.

Keep well-watered (daily in warm weather) until you are ready to plant.

Plant as soon as possible

The plants you receive are young and actively growing. Plant as soon as possible to encourage them to establish.

Planting from Autumn to Spring is best to allow time for the plants to establish before the warmer weather.


On the day of planting, soak tubes in a bucket or trough of weak Seasol solution to thoroughly wet the root ball.

How to remove plant from tube
  1. Hold the tube upright and place two fingers around the base of the plant.
  2. Squeeze sides of tube to loosen plant – DO NOT pull plant out by the stem.
  3. Invert tube and tap to gently remove plant.
How to plant correctly
  1. Dig a small hole slightly deeper than the tube (for some trees and shrubs deeper planting has good results).
  2. Place your plant in the hole level with or deeper than the soil and back fill with soil, pressing in gently. There is no need to tease the roots as the tubes are ridged to prevent root circling.
  3. Water in well with a Seasol solution to reduce transplant shock.
  4. Optional, but for best results:
    1. Add a handful of old cow manure or well-rotted compost to the bottom of the hole.
    2. For a dry spot add half a teaspoon of water retaining granules to the hole.
Extra steps
  1. Using guards, protect plants against weather & animals.
  2. Adding Mulch around the plant (away from the stem) will help retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.
  3. Plants may need additional watering for the first few weeks and over the first summer.