Botanical Name: Eucalyptus strzeleckii

Common Name: Strzeleckii gum

Type: Tree 15 – 40m


  • Smooth whitish bark with attractive colouring, rough-barked at base
  • New leaves have a whitish bloom (glaucous)
  • Flowers white, mainly in spring
  • Good habitat and nectar tree
  • Good for revegetation projects in suitable conditions
  • Critically endangered*


  • Full sun, semi-shade
  • Deep, fertile soil on ridges, slopes and streambanks

    * Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (Victoria) 2022.2 list – This species is listed as Critically Endangered.

    Eucalyptus strezleckii
    Eucalyptus strzeleckii
    Eucalyptus strzeleckii