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    Botanical Name

    Common Name

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    Acacia dealbata

    Silver Wattle

    Acacia longifolia ssp. sophorae

    Coast Wattle

    Acacia mearnsii

    Black Wattle

    Acacia melanoxylon


    Acacia mucronata

    Narrow-leaf Wattle

    Acacia myrtifolia

    Myrtle Wattle

    Acacia paradoxa

    Hedge Wattle

    Acacia stricta

    Hop Wattle

    Acacia suaveolens

    Sweet Wattle

    Acacia verticillata ssp. verticillata

    Prickly Moses

    Acaena novae-zelandiae

    Bidgee Widgee

    Acaena x ovina

    Sheep's Burr

    Allocasuarina littoralis

    Black Sheoak

    Allocasuarina paludosa

    Scrub or Swamp Sheoak

    Allocasuarina paradoxa

    Green Sheoak

    Allocasuarina verticillata

    Drooping or Coast Sheoak

    Arthropodium strictum

    Chocolate Lily

    Atriplex cinerea

    Coast Saltbush

    Austrostipa flavescens

    Coast Spear-grass

    Austrostipa mollis

    Soft Spear-grass

    Austrostipa stipoides

    Prickly Spear-grass or Coast Spear-grass

    Baloskion tetraphyllum

    Tassel Cord-rush

    Banksia integrifolia

    Coast Banksia

    Banksia marginata

    Silver Banksia

    Blechnum nudum

    Fishbone Water-fern

    Bossiaea cinerea

    Showy Bossiaea

    Bursaria spinosa

    Sweet Bursaria

    Carex appressa

    Tall Sedge

    Carex fascicularis

    Tassel Sedge

    Carex inversa

    Knob Sedge

    Carpobrotus rossii


    Cassinia aculeata

    Dogwood/Common Cassinia

    Centella cordifolia

    Swamp Pennywort

    Chrysocephalum apiculatum

    Common Everlasting

    Chrysocephalum baxteri

    Fringed Everlasting

    Clematis aristata

    Mountain Clematis

    Clematis microphylla

    Small Leaf Clematis

    Coronidium scorpioides

    Button Everlasting

    Correa alba

    White Correa

    Crassula helmsii

    Swamp Crassula

    Cycnogeton procerum

    Water Ribbons

    Cynoglossum australe

    Austral Hound's-Tongue

    Dianella brevicaulis

    Coast Flax-lily

    Dianella revoluta

    Black Anther Flax-lily

    Dianella tasmanica

    Tasman Flax-lily

    Dichelachne crinita

    Plume grass

    Dichondra repens

    Kidney Weed

    Diplarrena moraea

    Butterfly Flag

    Disphyma crassifolium

    Rounded Noon-flower

    Eleocharis acuta

    Common Spike-rush

    Eucalyptus kitsoniana

    Gippsland Mallee or Bog Gum

    Eucalyptus obliqua


    Eucalyptus ovata

    Swamp Gum

    Eucalyptus pauciflora

    Snow Gum (Powlett River Form)

    Eucalyptus radiata

    Narrow-leaf Peppermint

    Eucalyptus regnans

    Mountain Ash

    Eucalyptus strzeleckii

    Strzeleckii Gum

    Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. pryoriana

    Coastal Manna Gum

    Eucalyptus willisii ssp.

    South Gippsland Peppermint

    Ficinia nodosa

    Nobby Club-sedge

    Gahnia filum

    Chaffy Saw-sedge

    Gahnia sieberiana

    Red-fruit Saw-sedge

    Glycine clandestina

    Climbing Glycine

    Goodenia humilis

    Swamp Goodenia

    Goodenia ovata

    Hop Goodenia

    Goodenia ovata prostrate

    Hop Goodenia

    Goodenia radicans

    Shiny Swamp-mat

    Goodia lotifolia

    Golden Tip

    Gratiola peruviana

    Austral Brooklime

    Gynatrix pulchella

    Hemp Bush

    Hakea nodosa

    Yellow Hakea

    Hakea ulicina

    Furze Hakea

    Indigofera australis

    Austral Indigo

    Juncus amabilis


    Juncus holoschoenus

    Jointed Rush

    Juncus kraussii

    Sea Rush

    Juncus pallidus

    Pale Rush

    Juncus procerus

    Tall Rush

    Juncus sarophorus

    Broom Rush

    Juncus subsecundus

    Finger Rush

    Kennedia prostrata

    Running Postman

    Leptospermum continentale

    Prickly Teatree

    Leptospermum continentale prostrate

    Prickly Teatree

    Leptospermum laevigatum

    Coast Teatree

    Leptospermum lanigerum

    Woolly Teatree

    Leptospermum myrsinoides

    Heath Teatree

    Leucophyta brownii

    Cushion Bush

    Leucopogon parviflorus

    Coast Beard-heath

    Linum marginale

    Native Flax

    Liparophyllum exaltatum

    Erect (Yellow) Marsh Flower

    Lobelia anceps

    Angled Lobelia

    Lomandra longifolia ssp. exilis


    Lomandra longifolia ssp. longifolia

    Spiny-headed Mat-rush

    Lotus australis

    Austral Trefoil

    Lythrum salicaria

    Purple Loosestrife

    Machaerina rubiginosa

    Soft Twig-sedge

    Mazus pumilio

    Swamp Mazus

    Melaleuca ericifolia

    Swamp Paperbark

    Melaleuca squarrosa

    Scented Paperbark

    Microlaena stipoides

    Weeping Grass

    Microseris sp.

    Yam daisy, Murnong

    Montia australasica

    White Purslane

    Myoporum insulare


    Myriophyllum crispatum


    Myrsine howittiana


    Olearia argophylla

    Musk Daisy-bush

    Olearia axillaris

    Coast Daisy-bush

    Olearia glutinosa

    Sticky Daisy-bush

    Olearia lirata

    Snowy Daisy-bush

    Olearia phlogopappa

    Dusty Daisy-bush

    Olearia ramulosa

    Twiggy Daisy-bush

    Ornduffia reniformis

    Running Marsh-flower

    Ozothamnus ferrugineus

    Tree Everlasting

    Ozothamnus turbinatus

    Coast Everlasting

    Pandorea pandorana

    Wonga Wonga Vine

    Patersonia fragilis

    Short Purple-flag

    Patersonia occidentalis

    Long Purple-flag

    Pauridia vaginata

    Yellow Star

    Pelargonium australe

    Austral Stork's-bill

    Persicaria decipiens

    Slender Knotweed

    Philydrum lanuginosum

    Woolly Frogsmouth

    Phragmites australis

    Common Reed

    Poa clelandii

    Matted Tussock-grass

    Poa labillardierei

    Common Tussock-grass

    Poa poiformis

    Coastal Tussock-grass

    Poa tenera

    Slender Tussock-grass

    Pomaderris aspera

    Hazel Pomaderris

    Pomaderris elliptica var. elliptica

    Smooth Pomaderris

    Pomaderris paniculosa ssp. paralia

    Coast Pomaderris

    Pultenaea daphnoides

    Large-leaf Bush-pea

    Pultenaea stricta

    Rigid Bush-pea

    Pultenaea tenuifolia

    Slender Bush-pea

    Ranunculus inundatus

    River Buttercup

    Ranunculus lappaceus

    Australian Buttercup

    Rhagodia candolleana

    Seaberry Saltbush

    Rytidosperma geniculatum

    Kneed Wallaby-grass

    Rytidosperma setaceum

    Bristly Wallaby-grass

    Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani

    River Club Rush

    Senecio pinnatifolius

    Variable Groundsel

    Solanum aviculare

    Kangaroo Apple

    Stackhousia monogyna

    Creamy Candles

    Stylidium armeria

    Thrift-leaved Triggerplant

    Tetragonia implexicoma

    Bower spinach

    Themeda triandra

    Kangaroo Grass

    Thyridia repens

    Creeping Monkey-flower

    Triglochin striata

    Streaked Arrowgrass

    Viminaria juncea

    Golden Spray

    Viola hederacea

    Native Violet

    Wahlenbergia gymnoclada

    Naked Bluebell

    Xanthorrhoea minor

    Small Grass-tree

    Zoysia macrantha

    Prickly couch

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