The Wonthaggi Seed Bank & Nursery (WSBN) received funding from a DEPI ‘Communities for Nature Grant‘ for the Wonthaggi Wetland Enhancement Program.

This included four Wetlands created by community groups over the past 20 years.

The identified wetlands are under ParksVic management were greatly enhanced by a series of spot spraying and planting with aquatic and wetland species.

Four Wetland areas

Works undertaken

During 2013 and 2104, volunteers:

  • Collected seeds of selected species
  • Propagated tube stock 
  • Monitored and audited the sites 
  • Cleared weeds and spot sprayed

In winter 2014, we planted out the four wetlands area, including guarding the species vulnerable to the large kangaroo population.

Around each site, 50 Banskia integrifolia were also planted, as this species is under threat in our district.

Further plantings are planned with species to supplement those listed below.  These include Goodenia ovata, Myoporum insulare, Triglochin procerum, Lepidosperma longitudinale, Schoenus brevifolius, Amphibromus nervosus, Lepyrodia muelleri, Lachnagrostis filiformis, Alisma plantago-acquatica, Melicytus dentatus and Ottelia ovalifolia,

Tank Hill Ephemeral Wetland

This is the site of the former Wonthaggi Borough Council sandpit.

Plants were selected to compliment previous plantings by the South Gippsland Conservation Society and Wonthaggi Urban Landcare.  

Rifle Range Wetland

A block used by the local gun club from 1912 to 1972, it was a cleared, grazed site.

From 2005 onwards, the site was re-vegetated and wetlands created by Cape Paterson Coastal Plains Landcare, Friends of Wonthaggi Heathland and Wonthaggi Seed Bank.

Further details of this site can be found here…

Baxters Wetland

The site, once part of the mining era, was cleared and grazed afterwards.

It has been progressively re-vegetated since 1993 by South Gippsland Conservation Society, Cape Paterson Coastal Plains Landcare, Friends of Wonthaggi Heathland and Wonthaggi Seed Bank, often with the assistance of schools and other community groups.

Two ephemeral wetlands, bisected by a mining haulage line (now a walking track) were planted.

Tent Town Wetland

Tent Town, site of the 1910 mining encampment (see Tent Town booklet).

It was re-vegetated in 2010 (see Tent Town Project) and has a number of ephemeral wetlands and deep pools.  These wet areas were partially planted out in 2010, but some sites needed further planting.  

A variety of species were planted as the water levels dropped.

Species Planted

 The species planted in each wetland:

 Common NameBotanical Name Tank Hill Rifle
Streaked Arrowgrass Triglochin striatum XXX
Swamp Paperbark Melaleuca ericifolia XX
Golden Spray Viminaria juncea XX
Woolly Tea-treeLeptospermum lanigerumXXX
Knobby Club-rushFicinia nodosaXXX
Red-fruited Saw-sedgeGahnia sieberiana  X 
Tall SedgeCarex appressaXXX
Spiny Mat-rushLomandra longifoliaXXX
Wallaby GrassAustrodanthonia spXXX
Kidney weedDichondra repens X  
Ivy-leaf VioletViola hederacea X  
Sweet BursariaBursaria spinosa X  
Scented PaperbarkMelaleuca squarrosa X  
Running PostmanKennedia prostrata X  
Prickly MosesAcacia verticillata X  

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