Availability & timing

The plant propagation cycle means that plants are sown and propagated from mid-September and generally will be available for pickup from April the following year, but the exact timing is is plant dependent.

To meet April timing, orders are generally required by mid-September the previous year.

For your specific requirements, please contact us regarding timing for orders & pickup.

Note that we do NOT sell seed. Our interest in seed is for nursery tubestock propagation.

Minimum quantity

The minimum order quantity for Tubestock of any plant species is 5 plants.


5 to 499$1.65/ea inc GST
500 to 999$1.50/ea inc GST
1000 plus$1.10/ea inc GST

Community groups who are on-selling for fundraising purposes may purchase any quantity of tubes at the discounted 1000 plus price.

Hico cells are also available, however they are not ideal for trees and shrubs. Email our order specialists for advice.

Order forms

IMPORTANT: Please follow the sequence below to ensure that we receive you order correctly…

  1. Download either the Tubestock Order Form or Hico Order Form.
  2. Your Browser will usually open it – do not fill out the form yet as some Browsers do not support PDF form filling, particularly the automatic tally & calculation
  3. Save the blank form PDF file to your computer Desktop
  4. Open the form using Acrobat Reader ( if you do not have the Acrobat Reader program installed, then you can download it using this link ).
  5. Fill out the order form & save the completed form file to your Desktop.
  6. Double check that you have included your correct contact information.
  7. Email the completed form to orders@wsbn.org.au

We understand if ‘downloads’ are not your thing… If required, feel free to email us for assistance via contact@wsbn.org.au .

Phase 1 – Plant selection

Visit the Bass Coast Shire Council’s ‘Native Vegetation List’ and review the ‘Local Vegetation List’ for your specific region within the Shire. These indigenous vegetation lists are a guide to selecting plants suitable for growing in your target area. The lists are based on the Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC) appropriate for each area. EVCs are useful for identifying species adapted to your local area. However, they are a broad guide only as conditions may vary within a site. Further information on EVCs: environment.vic.gov.au

Select which plants you wish to order from our list of WSBN propagated plants.

Download the Order Form, complete it & then return it to us.

Email address for plant order enquiries: orders@wsbn.org.au

Phase 2 – Confirmation

Our specialists will work with you to finalize your plant selections & quantities.

Disclaimer re stock availability

You will then receive an invoice & delivery forecast.

Once your plants are ready, we will contact you to arrange collection from our nursery.