Bill Slade

Bill Slade, who died tragically while fighting fires in the Omeo region on Saturday night, was a kind personable man, extremely proud of his family, considerate of the public and a hard working Parks Victoria ranger in the Wonthaggi depot.

He had worked for PV for forty years, so knew our area intimately, from fox baiting on Phillip Island, manning controlled burns in our parks and reserves, monitoring our coastline and working on the George Bass Walk.

He had assisted in revegetation projects with many groups: Friends of Wonthaggi Heathland, Wonthaggi Seedbank, Cape Paterson Coastal Plains Landcare, Urban Landcare, Friends groups.

Bill established rapport with Harry K (Harry’s Patch) and his team of workers, with difficult groups of students who reacted well to his quiet calm tutelage and with big projects like the Wonthaggi Wetlands, Baxters Wetland, Rifle Range Wetlands and Tent Town. He taught hundreds of students how to plant trees and, hopefully, their legacy lingers on.

We will miss his wry smile, sardonic humour, jaunty wave,friendly greeting, cheerful attitude.

A very gentle man, he will be greatly missed.

Terri Alan, WSBN Foundation Member. Jan 2020

My Billy

My Billy stood proud and strong
My Billy was gentle and kind
My Billy was my teacher, my mentor
My Billy was my friend, my confidant
My Billy needed no title or badge of honour
My Billy lead the way for others to follow
My Billy toiled long and hard
My Billy had large weathered hands
With those hands
My Billy cradled his family in a loving embrace
My Billy will never be forgotten
Rest in Peace My Billy

Brian Martin, Team Leader, Bass Coast Parks & Reserves, Parks Victoria. Jan 2020