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Tubestock @ $2.20 each

Botanical Name

Common Name

Quantity *

Acaena x ovina

Sheep’s Burr

Allocasuarina paradoxa

Dwarf Sheoak

Blechnum nudum

Fishbone Water-fern

Chrysocephalum baxteri

Fringed Everlasting


Mazus pumilio

Swamp Mazus

Pauridia vaginata

Yellow Star

Ranunculus lappaceus

Austral Buttercup

Stackhousia monogyna

Creamy Candles


Thyridia repens

Creeping Monkey-flower

Wahlenbergia gymnoclada

Naked Bluebell

Xanthorrhoea minor

Small Grass-tree

Six inch pots @ $6.00 each

Botanical Name

Common Name

Quantity *

Adiantum aethiopicum

Common Maiden Hair

Cyathea australis

Rough Tree-fern

Machaerina acuta

Pale Twig-rush

Machaerina juncea

Bare Twig-sedge

Polystichum proliferum

Mother Shield-fern




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