Why we are SO invested in helping you to plant indigenous species?

Indigenous plants support biodiversity. Biodiversity is all the different kinds of life that you’ll find in one area – the wildlife, the plants, the fungi and even the microorganisms like bacteria that make up our natural world.

Our volunteers have worked hard completing this seasons orders and now are preparing for our End-of-Season Surplus Stock Sale. This will be face-to-face…YES what a treat to meet you!

When & where?

Date: Sunday 4th August 2024

Time: 10am to 12 noon

Location: At the WSBN Nursery (Wonthaggi State Coal Mine) – you can park in the Cafe carpark & follow the signs (a short walk) to the Nursery. The Wonthaggi State Coal Mine Cafe is also open on a Sunday!

Bring: A carry basket


Price: Tubestock $1.00 each

Payment methods available:

  • Card Tap-and-Go
  • Cash (please bring coins to help us with change).

What will be there?

Click on a plants botanical name to read its fact sheet

Acacia mearnsii – Black Wattle
Acacia melanoxylon – Blackwood
Acacia paradoxa – Hedge Wattle
Acacia stricta – Hop Wattle
Acaena novae-zelandiae – Bidgee widgee
Allocasuarina littoralis – Black Sheoak
Allocasuarina paludosa – Scrub Sheoak
Allocasuarina verticillata – Drooping She-oak
Atriplex cinerea – Coast Salt-bush
Austrostipa flavescens – Coast Spear-grass
Austrostipa stipoides – Prickly Spear-grass
Banksia integrifolia – Coast Banksia
Carex appressa – Tall Sedge
Carpobrotus rossii – Pigface
Clematis aristata – Old Man’s Beard
Cynoglossum australe – Australian Hound’s-tongue
Dichondra repens – Kidney-weed
Dichelachne crinita – Plume-grass
Disphyma crassifolium – Rounded Noon-flower
Eucalyptus kitsoniana – Gippsland Bog Gum
Eucalyptus obliqua – Messmate
Eucalyptus ovata – Swamp Gum
Eucalyptus radiata – Narrow-leafed Peppermint
Eucalyptus strzeleckii – Strzelecki gum
Eucalyptus viminalis ssp. pryoriana – Coast Manna Gum
Ficinia nodosa – Knobby Club-sedge
Goodia lotifolia – Golden tip
Gynatrix pulchella – Hemp Bush
Hakea nodosa – Yellow Hakea
Indigofera australis – Austral Indigo
Kennedia prostrata – Running Postman
Leptospermum continentale prostrate – Prickly Tea-tree
Leptospermum lanigerum – Woolly Tea-tree
Leucophyta brownii – Cushion Bush
Lotus australis – Australian Trefoil
Melaleuca ericifolia – Swamp Paperbark
Melaleuca squarrosa – Scented Paperbark
Microlaena stipoides – Weeping Grass
Myoporum insulare – Boobialla
Myrsine howittiana – Muttonwood
Olearia argophylla – Musk Daisy-bush
Olearia glutinosa – Stick Daisy-bush
Olearia lirata – Snowy Daisy-bush
Olearia phlogopappa – Dusty Daisy-bush
Ozothamnus ferrugineus – Tree Everlasting
Poa clelandii – Matted Tussock-grass
Pomaderris aspera – Hazel Pomaderris
Pomaderris elliptica – Smooth Pomaderris
Rytidosperma geniculatum – Kneed Wallaby-grass
Rytidosperma setaceum – Bristly Wallaby-grass
Solanum aviculare – Kangaroo Apple
Tetragonia implexicoma – Bower spinach
Viminaria juncea – Golden Spray
Viola hederacea – Ivy-leaf Violet
Zoysia macrantha – Prickly Couch

What if I miss out?

If you visit our sale, but miss out on specific species such as Pelargonium austral (Austral Stork’s-bill) that our little Wallabia bicolor (Swamp Wallaby) shown above is eating, then consider placing a regular order for delivery in 2025.