See you at our Spring Sale

Stock is limited. Available on a first come, first served basis – we are unable to take orders ahead of time. We are sure you will have an engaging & informative time meeting our team and both seeing & hearing about the increased diversity of the indigenous species that we are now propagating.

When & where?

Date: September 16th

Time: 10am – 12.30pm

Location: At the WSBN Nursery (Wonthaggi State Coal Mine) – you can park in the Cafe carpark & follow the signs (a short walk) to the Nursery.


Price: Tubestock and 6 inch pots will be available at a range of bargain prices.

Cash & EFTPOS – If you are paying by cash, please bring some coins to help us with providing change.

What will be there?

Spring is all about new beginnings and transformation. This year we are celebrating with special indigenous plants that we have not propagated before.

These plants can become a stunning landscape with a ground layer made up of wildflowers, grasses and groundcovers. The plants contribute to biodiversity through the creation of healthier ecosystems, increasing habitat for wildlife and helping to preserve our regional landscape identity.

Stackhousia monogyna (Creamy Candles

These plants will provide you with greater diversity in scents, textures, sights and sounds as your spaces undergo a transformation that includes all vegetation layers, from tree canopies (tall trees), shrubbery layers (smaller trees and shrubs) and a ground layer (wildflowers, grasses, groundcovers, fallen branches with moss, lichen and leaf litter. Just take a look at this glorious landscape shown below:

Diversity is wonderful


Our new ‘Wildflower’ Spring Sale plant list:

Click on a plants botanical name to read its fact sheet

Acaena x ovina (Sheep’s Burr) ~ 50 tubestock

Adiantum aethiopicum (Common Maiden Hair) ~ 2 x 6 inch pots

Allocasuarina paradoxa (Dwarf Sheoak) ~ 37 tubestock

Blechnum nudum (Fishbone Water-fern) ~ 50 tubestock

Chrysocephalum baxteri (Fringed Everlasting) ~ 100 tubestock

Cyathea australis (Rough Tree-fern) ~ 2 x 6 inch pots & 25 tubestock

Machaerina acuta (Pale Twig-rush) ~ 25 tubestock

Machaerina juncea (Bare Twig-sedge) ~ 3 x 6 inch pots

Mazus pumilio (Swamp Mazus) ~ 50 tubestock

Pauridia vaginata (Yellow Star) ~ 25 tubestock

Polystichum proliferum (Mother Shield-fern) ~ 4 x 6 inch pots & 25 tubestock

Ranunculus lappaceus (Austral Buttercup) ~ 100 tubestock

Thyridia repens (Creeping Monkey- flower) ~ 25 tubestock

Wahlenbergia gymnoclada (Naked Bluebell) ~ 75 tubestock

Xanthorrhoea minor (Small Grass-tree) ~ 10 x 6 inch pots


From our standard propagation plant list:

We have surplus stock from this seasons propagation from our standard stock list. Some of these species will also be suitable for creating a wildflower space at your place. Our list also includes indigenous shrubs & trees that need forever homes.

Bring a carry basket along!

Click on a plants botanical name to read its fact sheet

Brachyscome parvula (Coast Daisy)

Arthropodium strictum (Chocolate Lily)

Coronidium scorpoides (Button Everlasting)

Diplarrena moraea (Butterfly Flag)

Viola hederacea (Native Violet)

Stackhousia monogyna (Creamy Candles)

Stylidium armeria (Creamy Candles)

Thelionema caespitosum (Tufted Blue Lily)

Themeda triandra (Kangaroo Grass)

Rytidosperma geniculatum (Kneed Wallaby-grass)

What if I miss out?

If you visit our sale, but miss out on specific species that you are keen on, then consider placing a regular order for delivery in 2024.