Important notes

  • Hico Cells are not ideal for trees & shrubs.
  • It’s very important that you contact us and pre-discuss your specific requirements with our order specialists prior to placing an order.

Availability & timing

The plant propagation cycle means that plants are sown and propagated from mid-September and generally will be available for pickup from April the following year, but the exact timing is plant dependent.

  • Orders are generally required by mid-September in the year prior to requested delivery.

Hico tray pricing

Quantity40 Cell HICO plant tray
1 to 12 trays$54 per tray ($1.35 per plant) inc GST
13 to 24 trays$46 per tray ($1.15 per plant) inc GST
25+ trays$36 per tray ($0.90 per plant) inc GST

Order process summary

  1. You MUST contact us to pre-discuss your requirements. Email
  2. Review your planting site requirements on our Plants page
  3. Choose the plants you want from the categorized list on our Plants page & the many Plant Fact Sheets.
  4. Fill in & submit an Online Order Form.
  5. Our order specialist will contact you to finalise your order & advise the delivery forecast.
  6. When your plants are ready, we will contact you with an invoice & pick up details.
  7. You make payment of our invoice by bank transfer & then pick up your plants