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    Botanical Name Common Name Tray Quantity
    Austrostipa flavescens Coast Spear-grass
    Carex appressa Tall Sedge
    Crassula helmsii Swamp Crassula
    Dichelachne crinita Plume grass
    Dichondra repens Kidney Weed
    Disphyma crassifolium Rounded Noon-flower
    Ficinia nodosa Nobby Club-sedge
    Juncus amabilis Hollow-rush
    Juncus holoschoenus Jointed Rush
    Juncus pallidus Pale Rush
    Juncus procerus Tall Rush
    Juncus sarophorus Broom Rush
    Juncus subsecundus Finger Rush
    Microlaena stipoides Weeping Grass
    Montia australasica White Purslane
    Poa clelandii Matted Tussock-grass
    Poa labillardierei Common Tussock-grass
    Poa poiformis Coastal Tussock-grass
    Poa tenera Slender Tussock-grass
    Viola hederacea Native Violet
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